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In the late 90s, brothers Panagiotis and Konstantinos Koukos decided to create Koukos Winery, and through it to share their love of good family wine.

Driven by their great love of quality wine and having Konstantinos’ son, Antonis, by their side over the last three years, they came to create a small winemaking facility on the boundaries of the Strofylia ecosystem, 35 kilometres southwest of Patras. It is a modern family business, which relies exclusively on the production and bottling of wine from the family’s privately-owned vineyards, which are cultivated by the family itself by putting in a great deal of personal care and hard work.

In addition to the family members, Koukos Winery employs workers from the wider region and collaborates with many businesses in Achaia for the supply of raw materials, the design and printing of labels, advertising pamphlets, etc.


The most important factor for the production of quality wine is the wine’s DNA. This is precisely the reason why, when planting our vineyard, we selected the best possible varieties that suit the soil and climate of the region.

This combination alone can guarantee the best possible results

in terms of the quality and flavour of our wines.


Our primary concern is the quality of our wines.

From the early days of our operation, we collaborated with one of the best oenologists in the region, Mr Athanasios Parparousis, with whom we attempted and managed to create quality wines. Of course, the organic cultivation of the vineyards, which is undertaken by the family itself, played an important role.


Our products are certified by the Hellenic Organisation for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products, DIO,

in accordance with the standards set by EU legislation.

By conducting constant inspections, both during the maturation of the grapes and during production, as well as on the end product, we and our customers can be certain that the products they enjoy are in accordance with the provisions of EU legislation on organic products.

The DIO organisation has been authorised by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food as an official inspection and certification agency for organic farming products, in accordance with European legislation. It is the most historical certification organisation in the sector under code GR-BIO-01.



This love of wine could not but be combined with organic production, without any ‘outside’ intervention! Having deep respect for the environment and the ecosystem’s balance, we apply organic cultivation by using only copper and sulphur. We do not use any chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which poison the body and can affect the quality of our wines; all we use is manure from organically farmed animals.

From the onset, we planted and produced our grapes in accordance with the organic cultivation standards established by the EU and the Greek DIO organisation. In this way we have managed to produce qualitative, tasty and aromatic wines, as in the old days…


Taking advantage of their paternal land, the brothers initially proceeded with the planting of the vineyard and its organic cultivation, as certified by the DIO organisation. Our vineyards cultivate various vine varieties, both Greek (Rhoditis, Fileri, Agiorgitiko and Assyrtiko) and international (Cabernet, Merlot).

For the purpose of covering the needs of production and bottling, the necessary equipment was installed on the estate so that the entire process, from grape harvesting to affixing the labels on each bottle, can take place on the same premises, thus allowing us to monitor and personally oversee all stages of production, vinification and bottling.

The select quality of our wines is attributed to the neighbouring of our vineyards with the Strofylia pine forest and also to the general climate, the gentle management of the natural environment and the application of proper vinification methods, which combined with efforts to maintain low yields per stremma, contribute to the distinct taste of our wines and give them a unique character.




Koukos Winery
Lappa Achaia
Tel. / Fax: (+30) 2691022198
Mob: (+30) 6974805419 & (+30) 6977427239
Email: info@koukos-winery.com
Facebook: Οινοποιία Κούκος